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Thank You for a Wonderful Beginning!

We have been soooooo busy preparing for a new paint line, doing custom orders, and preparing for the Jackson Women’s Expo that we missed a REALLY BIG date!! February 22nd marked the one year anniversary of opening Salvaged Decor, our cute little shop in Brooklyn, MI.

Here is where it all began……..

What a mess!! I can’t believe we managed to work through these piles in a matter of a few weeks……we moved loads of stuff in, climbed over piles, moved stuff around, scrubbed furniture, painted, moved some more, painted again………at one point we thought it would never end!! LOL!

 Its hard to believe it’s only been one year and what a fantastic year it has been! We are in a great growing community, have terrific neighbors and the best customers! Its amazing how far we have come in such little time! It took a lot of hard work and dedication, support from family, and wonderful customers! 

In case you’re wondering about the new paint line mentioned above…….. Miss Mustard Seed Milk paint is here!! Yay! We are so excited to offer this line! You are going to LOVE these products!  
 We now have 3 lines of  decorative paint including American Paint Company,  Paint Couture the Collection, and the newest addition Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint. They are all completely different but work well together.
I have been painting furniture for over 15 years and these paints are fabulous! As a professional painter I wanted options and I wanted to be able to provide my customers with those same options. Our menu of classes keeps growing and we now have a beautiful spacious classroom. We are planning to add Monday to our spring and summer hours very soon! Breanna and I want to thank all of our customers and facebook followers for all your business and referrals!

We would not be where we are today without all the wonderful support and encouragement we have received!

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