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STOP! Don’t Pitch that Ugly Table!

Even ugly damaged pieces of furniture can be salvaged. It’s not often we throw something away! Embossing Medium from The Couture Collection is by far one of our favorite products! It is used to create many different effects on furniture and cabinets. It is great for covering up blemishes by creating textured finishes, raised stencils, and even filling in holes or large scratches. It will adhere to almost any surface and so much easier to work with than other mediums! 
A few samples of raised stencils created by Salvaged Decor using Embossing Medium…….
Yes, we even saved this sad, boring little gem from the landfill! Here’s how…….
Step 1. Clean piece thoroughly and let dry. A mixture of dish soap and baking soda works well for removing any dirt, grease, or grime. There is no need to sand or strip your piece! Yay!
Step 2. Cover the entire top of your piece with a layer of cheesecloth. Be sure to pull out any wrinkles.
Step 3. Start your application by first adding some embossing medium to the corners of the cheesecloth. This will help secure it so you can fill the rest without it moving. When applying the embossing medium I like to use old department store or gift cards. They have more flex than a trowel making the application process easier. Using your card, gently apply the embossing medium over the entire top to cover the cheesecloth completely. Do not over work it.

Step 4. Once the top is completely covered, gently go back over it to remove any excess and put back in the jar.

Step 5. Let the embossing medium sit for 1-2 minutes while you clean off your card and the rim of your jar. Be sure to remove any excess with a wet paper towel and DO NOT wash this down the drain. I would also recommend using a paper towel to wipe any excess off your hands before washing them.

Step 6. Gently remove the cheesecloth and let the embossing medium thoroughly dry.

Step 7. Once dry, lightly sand the top with 220 grit sandpaper or sanding block to knock down any sharp tips. All it takes is a light pass of the sandpaper, should not require any muscle.

Step 8. Last, paint your piece with a color of your choice. Using a glaze over the embossing medium will help to create more dimensions. For this piece I used products from Paint Couture. The top color is British Gray with Zinc glaze and dry brushed Champagne glaze over top. The bottom color is French Putty and finished with Champagne glaze. This glaze does not need a medium over the painted surface before applying and can be used as a final finish, thus saving time and money! If you are not using a glaze or have a piece that needs extra protection, you can use an additional finishing product. I prefer Couture Lacquer for its durability and non-yellowing formula.    

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