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Before & After – See how we Transform this Kitchen Table using Baltic Black from Paint Couture. Plus a few tips for a smooth finish!

Have I told you how much we LOVE Baltic Black from the Paint Couture line? It is a beautiful rich black that will leave you with an even finish. Black can be very hard to work with, often leaving you with an uneven or blotchy looking color. We have tried several lines and by far this is our favorite!

The picture says it all! Paint Couture is very smooth and self leveling. You will not get the thick texture and brush stokes you often see on painted furniture.

snagged this table on one of our local online garage sales. The base of the table was to die for!  However, the top had several shadowed spots on it most likely from hot pans. Here is what it looked like before.

Since it had a shinny surface, we cleaned it first with TSP (use gloves!). We then used Krud Kutter gloss off to dull the surface and started with a coat of XIM UMA primer. Some may call it overkill, but from past experiences, we would rather be safe than sorry. A table top is  a lot of work and not something you want to paint over! Priming first will help to block out any bleed there may be, fill in imperfections or scratches, and also allow for better adhesion of the paint. It’s worth the extra step!

Here are a few tips for getting a smooth finish:

  • Apply your paint with a cheap chip brush or the Zibra angled sash brush. We like the chip brushes because they do not hold a lot of paint and help in applying the paint in thin coats.
  • Let your paint completely dry between coats (Paint Couture is a 4hrs dry time).
  • When applying topcoat use a good synthetic bristle brush or a staining pad.
  • Lightly sand with a fine grit sand paper between each coat, including your topcoat. All you are doing is lightly running the sand paper across the surface to knock down the tips or roughness you may feel.
  • If you do not want a shinny surface, you can use #0000 steel wool to lightly sand your last coat of topcoat and dull the shine.

Products used:

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  1.  Prep – TSP Cleaner,  Xim Uma PrimerKrud Kutter gloss-off
  2. Chip Brush for applying paint & Zibra angled sash brush for applying topcoat.
  3. Paint Couture Baltic Black & Matte Topcoat – Find it at Antique Mercantile in Jackson, MI or purchase online here
  4. Extra fine sanding block , 220 grit sand paper , or #0000 steel wool for between coats


You can find a full list of products we recommend and use often here –

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