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Mid Century Modern Cedar Chest Makeover – Paint Wash Technique

I’ve had this beautiful MCM blanket chest by Lane for weeks. I finally decided to move it closer to my work area so I could come up with a plan for it.
Very Cool! Right!? 

I was so excited when I found this piece! So many people ask how I come up with ideas for pieces and that’s just it…….sometimes I immediately have a vision and other times I have to stare at it for awhile and look for inspiration before it hits me and I know exactly what I want to do!  

………..And then there are those occasional times when a good friend stops by to chat and completely messes with your process! She keeps saying she needs to stop going back to look at the “treasure trove” because she’s running out of space in her home, lol. I was excited someone else saw the beauty in this old worn chest! Together we came up with the perfect colors for a worn weathered look. 

If you have a lane chest made between 1912 – 1987 Please have the locking mechanism replaced!!! It is FREE! Children have been known to play hide and seek in these and have suffocated.
Go online to:
They will walk you through the process of getting your new locking mechanism FREE.
Another thing I realized was that the serial # on the back read backwards is also the date the piece was made.
So mine 454211
Was made November 24, 1954
Just a little fun fact for you, lol!
Here you can see the serial number on the back and………our fun new stencil!! 

I started by cleaning, removing hardware, filling holes, and sanding……ugh, it’s a must but hate the prep work! I used Madagascar Mocha, a beautiful rich brown from The Couture Collection, as my base coat. This paint is 100% acrylic, self leveling, and very durable. It is fantastic when used as a base coat for creating multiple layered washes. When you sand each layer you don’t have to worry about sanding through to the original color – which in this case wasn’t pretty! If you prefer, you can also distress with a wet rag but be careful not to over wet the rag. You will end up with a muddy look instead of timeworn.

For my next two coats I created a wash by thinning my paint with water to a consistency of melted ice cream or milk. These coats will be thin and neither one will covered completely, that’s ok! This is how you achieve a look that mimics worn weathered layers of paint. For these coats I used a chalk/clay base paint from American Paint Company. My first layer was Home Plate, a creamy white and my next layer was Dollar Bill, a grayish blue.
Once dry, I lightly sanded back to create a smooth finish and allow more of the colors to show through.

For the last coat I watered the blue down even more to achieve a consistency similar to skim milk. This coat is very thin and appears somewhat transparent when applied. I used this as a wash over the entire piece. 

completely dry I lightly sanded with a fine sandpaper to create a smooth surface before applying American Paint Company topcoat, aka liquid gold, for beautiful matte finish! 

The green scratched flocking in the bottom drawer had to go! I cut a piece of paintable wallpaper to fit in the drawer and placed it right over the felt. I painted it blue and cover with a couple layers of topcoat to protect.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed our latest furniture makeover!

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