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Before & After – Decorative Art Roller

A customer and friend recently gifted this adorable table to me. 

I had also just received some new decorative art roller and was pretty excited to try them out! **UPDATE – The decorative art rollers were so awesome we decided to offer them at Salvaged Decor!** Since the veneer top was already damaged, this was the perfect piece.

The veneer was cracking and lifting. I used my handy 4 in 1 tool and chipped it all off. It lifted easily, but if you have trouble you can lay a wet towel over the difficult areas and use an iron with steam to loosen the glue. Now, at this point I would have sanded really smooth but since I was planning on a raised finish it wasn’t necessary.

Next, a thin coat of  Paint Couture Embossing Medium was applied to the top of the table.  

Find embossing medium, art rollers, & a  full line of Paint Couture products at Salvaged Decor, Brooklyn MI. 

I chose the Baroque roller for this piece. It took three passes over the top of the table to cover it, but the third one didn’t look as great as I wanted. Simple fix, I just smoothed the embossing medium back out and rolled again. Yay, no need to be nervous about messing it up!!

After letting it dry I sanded a little, added a coat of Baltic Black from Paint Couture and then sanded again for more dimension. I wanted the white of the Embossing Medium to show through on the tips of the design.

It’s all about the glaze!

I was looking to give it a nice bronze shimmer so I made a custom glaze using a mixture of Vandyke Brown and Champagne glaze from our Paint Couture line. I absolutely LOVE this line of glaze. It is very versatile, the colors are beautiful, its easy to work with and dries completely without the tacky feel you sometimes get from other glazes.   

A coat of my custom mix was added over the Baltic Black and then lightly wiped back.  It turned out better than I imagined! 

I painted the base of the table in Arctic White and heavily distressed. 

For added protection, the entire piece was finished with Couture Collection Topcoat. You would not believe how durable this topcoat is and I love that it comes in several different sheen’s!

Next time you find a cool road side find with a damaged top or simply want to add a little pizzazz to your project, grab some embossing medium & a decorative art roller!

Happy Painting ~ Mary & Breanna

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