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“Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder”!

I always start out thinking I know exactly how I want this to go and inevitably it changes. This is where I have to let go of control and just go with my intuition, trusting that the end result will be exactly what I want. 
Trusting the process isn’t always easy but when I do, the outcome is always better than I envisioned before I set out on the journey! This is the same way I like to live my life.

I always start by cleaning my piece really well! This piece was given to me by a dear friend. It was nasty so I used a mixture of Ajax dish soap and baking soda. This combination works really well for nicotine stain. I then wiped it down with vinegar to help eliminate any odor.

This piece was very flat. To give it more dimension, I used embossing medium from Paint Couture to create a raised stencil effect in the inset of the doors. Embossing Medium is white but you can add your paint to it in order to make the stencil any color you want.

Next, I painted the entire piece in Curio from Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint.  
This is where everything changed! I was envisioning a layered washed look but suddenly saw something completely different in this piece!!!! Tends to happen from time to time….  Ok, maybe more often than not, drives my husband a little crazy when we are doing projects at home.  He doesn’t care that I’ve switched gears it’s the part where I don’t clue him in on the change. Can you believe he can’t read my mind!?

I was now seeing the wardrobe painted in MMS Artissimo and Copper Charmeuse gilding wax to highlight the scrolls.

Using the natural beeswax puck I created a resist all over, going a little heavier on the edges and corners.  I wanted the Curio to show through everywhere but in a more subtle way than if I were to use a hemp oil resist.

I then applied one coat of Miss Mustard Seed Artissimo and started to see this beautiful piece come together! I couldn’t wait to finish it! 

After the Artissimo was dry, I went over the entire piece with a 220 grit sanding block then vacuumed and wiped the dust away.

Finally, I applied MMS clear wax to the entire piece, waited 2 hours, polished it, and then highlighted the raised stencil and new hardware with copper charmeuse gilding wax from Paint Couture.  I also used lacquer couture on the inside to help freshen up the wood and block out any lingering odors. 

I love the way it turned out………so much better than I originally imagined! 

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